Thursday, 29 May 2014

Me Made May weeks 2 and 3

Oops, well this post is a bit late!  Real life and work have got in the way of blogging about Me Made May, but I have been participating and uploading to the Flickr group.

Week commencing 8th May:

8th May - the Route 66 Flora
9th May - unblogged blue twill Kelly Skirt, also unblogged Maria Denmark Kirsten kimono tee
10th May - Mad Men dress from 2013 challenge
11th May - navy Pavlova wrap top and red denim Pavlova skirt (unblogged)
12th May - Maria Denmark Paula pleat skirt
13th May - another outing for the Dolly Clackett nautical Emery
14th May - Red red velvet Meta dress

Week commencing 15th May:

15th may - buttonless Kelly skirt and grey Maria Denmark Kimono tee (unblogged)
16th May - red Cabarita tee (unblogged)
17th May - Pensive Betty Mad Men challenge 2014 dress for NyLon
18th May - Swirly Smoke Gather Kits Mortmain dress
19th May - Carmine jacket, striped Maria Denmark Kimono tee (unblogged), Autumn Kelly skirt
20th May - the Almost-Anna Flora tank version
21st May - Blackberry dress with sleeves shortened

I haven't been finding it too difficult this year.  Last year was a bit of a struggle even with the jacket wildcards I gave myself, but this year I can see that actually with relatively few wardrobe additions, I could wear almost entirely me mades (although one of those would need to be jeans - gulp!).

I'll be back with the final week tomorrow, and then summarise the last few days plus a round up of the other parts of my challenge next week - I also pledged to get through my mending and alterations and make some knickers!


  1. Looks like a great collection of clothes. I really like some of your dresses!


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