Thursday, 5 June 2014

Me Made May wrap up

So it's all over!

Here are my final few days of outfits.  Picmonkey isn't playing ball today so no pretty collage I'm afraid!

29th May - the Bowling dress

31st May - Rose print Maria Denmark kimono tee (unblogged).

So I did it!  I didn't wear a few of my most summery dresses that I love since the weather didn't really play ball - it was definitely tights weather for most of the month.  I was hoping to wear them the last few days but we went camping for the weekend and pretty dresses + campsite really don't go!

I'm pretty happy with how I did.  I didn't feel like I wore things I wasn't keen on just because they were me made.  Yes, there were days I would have put on something different (or a vintage dress rather than a me made one) but generally it went well.  I think having a definite colour palette worked as I have lots of things that match and work well together.  Like everyone else, I need some me made trousers and jeans, so I'll be joining in with Lizzy on Jeans in June (thankfully she's extended it into July!).  I'd also like a couple more me made tees, including another couple of Renfrews.

I also pledged to get through my mending/ alterations pile.  I mended split seams on 2 dresses, replaced a zip on hubby's jacket, fixed the zip on my Flora which was coming away and shortened the sleeves on my Blackberry dress:

I loved the sleeves but i wasn't happy with the way they were finished and it made the dress harder to wear with a cardigan - as you can probably tell from my month of pics I am a die-hard cardie wearer!

I also pledged to make some knickers and managed to make up a muslin of the Measure Twice Cut Once Jane knickers.

Eek, weird colours, but they are actually pale blue not green.  I adjusted the pattern following these but didn't get a chance to make up any more.  It's on my list for this weekend!

If you are missing Me Made May, come back tomorrow for news on something we have been plotting on Twitter!


  1. Well done on a successful Me Made May! Glad it went well for you, it sounds like your handmade wardrobe is really coming together.

  2. Really enjoyed my first me made May! Just wanted to say that your blue and red Peggy dress was fabulous! I love that dress and your version is brilliant, I've had a serious case of dress envy since I saw it!

    1. thanks so much! i love that dress - never thought i would wear it as much as i do, but it's not to costumey which is what i wanted!


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