Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Must. Get. Organised.

I have a problem.  In my head, my sewing area looks like this:

with maybe some extra sewing storage like this:

The reality is this:

with my sewing machine on the dining room table and stuff scattered all around (the paint tray and plastic balls would not be a usual part of my sewing kit!).  This means I can never find anything - I went to make another version of KitschyCoo's cute tunic and couldn't find the pattern or pattern pieces i carefully traced the last time.  So I ended up redrafting the pieces from the last version I made.  Grrr.

Every time I am getting to the end of a sewing project, there's always something that I realise i don't have.  On the pattern, all the things I need are clearly marked but I still end up missing a zip, button or some elastic.  If it's not far to late to make New Year's resolutions (and it clearly is in nearly-April) for my next project I will make sure I have absolutely everything I need before I start!

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