Sunday, 19 August 2012

Say hello to my leetle friend...

I have shamefully neglected this blog recently.  There have been lots of work and personal issues that have seriously cut down on my free time (which is scarce at the best of times, as the blog title says!), meaning I had to pick whether to sew or to write about it.  I have gone for sewing and have a few finished garments to share. 

But first, after lusting after one for ages, I spotted an ad in my local sewing shop for an adjustable dummy.  I like fitting on myself and making a muslin, but this will make it much easier so spot any big fitting issues, and also to take pics of work in progress that I can't show on myself. 

I have named her Marjorie.  It seems appropriate given the picture on the instruction book - she looks like a Marjorie I think!  She's definitely happy to have a dummy to help with her stripy creations!

And just to firmly put a date on it, it came with a conversion chart from imperial to metric measurements "to assist you during this awkward time".  That was in the 1970s, which seems to tie in with her outfit!  Little did they know that nearly 40 years on, we'd still be using inches in our body measurements!

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