Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The spotty skirt

I have a thing about spots. And stripes. But at the moment it's spots! I
think they are lovely for summer.

As soon as I saw Gertie's tutorial for her full gathered skirt I knew I
wanted it to be in navy with white spots.

I really enjoyed making this one. Gertie's directions are really clear and
the pictures really helped. I also learnt a few new techniques with this
make. I had done some traditional gathering using the bobbin thread on some
of the clothes I made for N but Gertie suggested a different way using a
crochet thread and zig zag stitch, as per the tutorial here. It was really
easy and I think given the volume of gathers in this skirt, it was much

I also inserted my first invisible zip, which I found much easier than
expected! The random lump of plastic that was the invisible zipper foot I
had went on easily and did the job perfectly! I used this method to insert
it and I'm very pleased with the result (altho it doesn't actually pull up
past the bottom of the waistband so a hook and eye is needed). Not sure
what I did wrong, but perhaps I needed to move the zip out slightly at the
joining of waistband and skirt?

As the actual sewing was so simple, I though I'd give it a little twist
with a bound and handstitched hem. Note to self: when comtemplating a
handstitched hem, think about the circumference of the skirt first! But I
really love the flash of red and the deep hem. Looks fab with red shoes!



  1. Adorable! I agree that wearing with red is just the finishing touch to set off that wonderful fabric to a tee. Looks like it should be worn lots this summer! (And autumn, & spring perhaps?!)

  2. thank you! i think i need a red top to go with it too! if we ever get a summer, i will be wearing it lots!

  3. Polka dots are fab and so is your very stylish skirt! Also, thank you for the links to helpful tutorials. :-)

  4. thanks heather! let me know if you make your own version! online tutorials are so helpful - any problem you have, someone else has always been there before you!

  5. I came across your blog from Casey's Elegant Musings and have to say I truly appreciate you linking all your sources! I am a vintage seller and collector and have always just hired tailors to even do the simplest of hems for me as I am just so afraid of failing at sewing (my mother was an expert seamstress but not the greatest of teachers)

    So, thank you!

    BTW, I love spots and dots too! I wear polka dots at least once a week.

  6. thanks so much for the comment AV! hope the links help. I find so much stuff online that is really helping me get to grips with sewing that i'm glad to share it around!

    good luck!


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