Sunday, 8 April 2012

The disastrous t-shirt

With summer fast approaching, N needs some new t-shirts, so I thought I'd
do some applique ones.

I found a cute retro apple design in All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens - I love
her designs and the way she works with prints. It's a lovely book!

Having never appliqued onto stretch fabric before, I jumped in with both
feet! I ironed on some lightweight interfacing to the back to stabilise it
and used fusible web to bond the design on before stitching.

All was going well until I got to the stalk and pips which I had planning
to machine embroider - not a good idea on knit fabric as I discovered! So I used
some brown needlecord to applique them instead.  But
this was not the disaster (altho a broken needle wasn't ideal!) Stalk and pips 1 and 2
went fine. Pip 3 seemed fine, until I realised that I had caught the back
of the t-shirt in the stitching, and even careful work with the seam ripper
left a hole in the back!

So I took the design of an apple with a bite out of it from the Alexander Henry Tutti Frutti fabric I used for the tunic dress and sewed it over the hole.  So what do you think?  Did I fix it or should I bin and start again?

Moral of this story - don't just try to finish off the last bit when you
are tired. Leave it for tomorrow or you'll wreck it!

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