Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My first item for me finished!

I always seem to manage to make lots of things for N, but never anything
for myself (probably all of those pesky darts and shaping needed in women's
clothes that put me off!). But I have finally done one for me!

I really love Colette Patterns (I think these will be featuring quite a bit
in this blog!) And so I decided to try the Sorbetto top which is a free
pattern download. I'm very late on the Sorbetto bandwagon as it seems like
everyone with a sewing machine has done their own version!

I used a light cotton print and decided to make the bias binding to match
(this was nearly my undoing - more later!).

As this was the first PDF pattern I had used, N "helped" me put it
together. I pinned it all up and checked the fit. As per the instructions,
I was between sizes so went for the bigger, but there seemed plenty of
ease, so I could have cut the smaller size. I took it in quite a bit at the
sides, and luckily left a few inches of extra fabric at the bottom. As I'm
tall, I needed some extra length and the bust darts were a bit high so I
minimised the shoulder seams as best I could.  Looking at these pics, I can see I could do with a sway back adjustment and possibly armhole darts - I have been reading Fit for Real People!

And for the first time ever, I finished the seams on the inside and I love the way it looks!  Clean seam finishes (OK, they could be straighter!):

It all went together very easily and I was happy with the fit. Now came the
bias binding! I bought a bias binding maker which seemed easy to use, and
decided to try the continuous tape tutorial from the Colette blog. It took
me 3 goes to get it in one piece and the right width (it also helps if you
read the instructions properly - oops!). But it's another sewing technique
Once I had cut the strips, it was easy to make it into tape and attach it
and it makes it look really well finished. I am very pleased with the
results! I can definitely see myself making a couple more for the summer in
different fabrics (especially now I've seen the no pleat and scalloped hem versions!), and I know I'll be buying some more Colette patterns.
Maybe the Macaron dress next...

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