Monday, 24 September 2012

Twenties Love

Much as I love vintage fashion, I've never been a huge fan of the 1920s.  Perhaps as all those drop waists and skinny hip/ flat chested looks would not suit my shape in the slightest.

But that was until I saw the new John Lewis TV ad:

I just love so many of the clothes she wears.  I'm a real hat person and those gorgeous cloches are amazing!  Especially the red one.  Her hair is so cute (maybe that I could manage!).

The striped dress at the beginning is lovely and she wears several lovely coats.  Love the collar detail on this red one:

But the piece de resistance is this beautiful white dress.  Wouldn't it be amazing as a wedding dress?  And that headband?


  1. I love this commercial. I *think* I shed a tear the first time I saw it. But I'm a sap.

    But yes, the dresses used are gorgeous! Even the accessories are pretty.

    1. that'll be the hormones! congratulations BTW. i was trying on cloche hats in accessorize yesterday and i think one may have to be purchased come pay day!


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