Monday, 17 September 2012

Blogging the backlog: Hazel dress

I'm finally getting through blog posts on the things I made over the summer.  So I have quite a few coming over the next couple of weeks - it will look like I have been sewing up a storm (which if course I have!).

First up, the Hazel!  I did a bit of a preview on my weight loss post of this dress but thought it deserved a post of its own!
I actually really enjoyed sewing this pattern.  It went together really easily, even though I didn't get it done in time for the Sew Colette 2.0 sewalong. I bought the fabric for another pattern but I really like it for this.  I think it works well. 

First up was the usual length adjustment which I did with a tissue fit.  I had to add more than usual - about 3", as the pattern has a high waistling which I don't like.  I was slightly confused about how to do this given the triangular centre panel, but I extended it to a point and then adjusted the side panels in my muslin to take out the extra fabric as though it was a princess seam.  It doesn't match up exactly at the waist seam but the fabric is forgiving enough that I couldn't get a picture of it!

I actually made a muslin of the skirt for this one as I was a bit scared by Marie's nightmare with the skirt.  But it looked fine.  I added another 3" to the skirt length too.

And the two sides of the zip match up at the back!  I really like the Colette way of finishing off the facing at the top of zips - it gives such a great clean finish!

It's been a great addition to my summer wardrobe - if I had finished it earlier I think I would have made another one.  Still, there's always next year!


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