Friday, 12 April 2013

More Pavlova

One of the things I really like about the Pavlova top pattern is how you can get different looks depending on how tightly you tie it.

This navy long sleeved version is tied at the back quite loosely and even lie this there is no gape at all at the front - nice drafting Steph!  It's a nice casual look that I think goes well with jeans (although they need to be relatively high waisted even with my 4" extra length - and I remembered to do front and back this time!)

I wonder if leaving a gap in the seam at the waist and threading the wrap part through would allow it to be pulled down longer?  I think I have seen this in RTW wrap tops.

Still no builder's bum due to the fab muffin cover flap at the back.

I've also got some red denim to make another pavlova skirt for my holiday but it's gone on the back burner due to deadline for the Mad Men Challenge!


  1. I love this top! It definitely looks good with jeans. I like that it has no gaping at the neck. I really need to get some fabric and make one, since I have the pattern.

    1. thanks laura. depending on your height you might need to lengthen unless you wear pretty high waisted jeans!

  2. I'm loving these tops! They look great!! Good luck with your Mad Men outfit!! Cant wait to see it.


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