Thursday, 30 May 2013

Me Made May - the holiday edition!

Well I seem to have lost a couple of days of photos, probably on another memory card floating around the house somewhere!

They were immediately pre-holiday and I have no idea what I wore altho I think kimono tees were definitely in there somewhere!

Here's the pics for the first part of the holiday:

17th May - no pic of this day as we flew and got up at 3am!  You don't need to see my baggy eyes!  But I wore my Deco cardie on the plane
18th May - Burda knit dress
19th May - Debuted as yet unblogged (but fabulously photographed by hubby!) red denim Pavlova skirt and navy Pavlova top
20th May - another not yet blogged one - Sinbad & Sailor Magpie dress.  Don't have a good front pic of this as I slimmed the skirt after taking original pics.  We need good enough weather for me to get it out again!
21st May - strpied BurdaStyle Handbook dress
22nd May - Red Pavlova top

And the second:

23rd May - striped Kimono Tee under my Anise jacket (in case you can't tell from the state of my hair it was seriously windy!)
24th May - Birdie Hazel
25th May - navy knit Burda dress again!
26th May - travelling home so no pic, but I wore Deco cardie, Anise jacket and grey marl kimono tee
27th May - rose print kimono tee

I love holiday Me Made May - it makes the pics so much easier (and you tend to have 2 outfit changes in a day so twice the chance to get in a me made!)

Only one more day to go and a couple more pics to blog, so I'll post a final round up and what I've learnt this weekend.  Then I can get blogging on the backlog of garments (oh yes, and actually do some more sewing!).


  1. Great idea to have holiday MMM! Think I'll ask for holidays if I do this again - you look so relaxed and happy!

    1. thanks so much - given that we had such terrible weather here it was great to be able to wear my summer clothes!

  2. I love your Pavlova top. I think I definitely need this pattern!

    1. pavlova is a great pattern - so versatile and useful!

  3. Your holiday pictures are gorgeous! and I really love your navy blue dress. So chic :)

    1. thanks so much! one day i'll have a me made wardrobe like yours!


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