Monday, 6 May 2013

Me Made May week 1

I think I said before I'm not putting up daily outfit pics - if you are anything like me, you probably follow hundreds of blogs and it gets impossible to look at all the Me Made May pics.  I am loving the Flickr group though - it's great pattern inspiration!

Here's week 1 for me:

May 1st - Red Pavlova top
May 2nd - Rose print Kimono Tee
May 3rd - Mad Men dress
May 6th - Burdastyle Handbook dress

I did fail on 2 days in terms of getting pics taken.  I had a streaming cold and hubby went off on his mountain bike with the camera.  The challenge of camera phone plus a 4 year old proved too much for me!  I did wear me-mades on the 2 days I didn't get pictures.  One was my Burda tee, and the other was my striped Kimono tee (as usual when I am feeling ill, I revert to jeans and tees!).

I have lots of recent finished items, so am trying to get them blogged before you see them in my MMM pics!

Hope you are enjoying it too if you are taking part.


  1. I too am loving the Flickr pool! It's great to see so many people all around the world making and wearing their own clothes! Feels like I'm in a very popular and chic club (which is a wierd feeling but I like it)
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. thanks - it's great, isn't it? i need to get more involved and comment more rather than just looking at random pics!

  2. That Mad Men dress is my absolute fave - your outfits look wonderful!

    1. thanks meg! i am very pleased that it turned out so wearable!

  3. These are so great Jo. I just watched Season 4 of Mad Men and saw Peggy's dress a couple of times and thought of you. You did a perfect re-creation of that! Oh and drinks again soon please? :) x

  4. thanks hon! deffo - let's do drinks very soon!


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