Thursday, 30 April 2015

In for MeMadeMay

Almost missed signing up this year - April has gone by so fast!

I have struggled with pledging this year as I wear me mades most days anyway and since I wear a lot of dresses it tends to be a whole me made outfit. I do want it to be a challenge so I have decided to tackle my sewing nemesis - trousers!

So here goes:

I, Joanne from Sew Little Time pledge to wear at least one me made item a day for the duration of May. I will also make a well fitted pair of trousers during the month.

I'll be posting outfit pics on Instagram daily (I do this anyway when I am wearing mades, under the #memadeeveryday hashtag). You can find me on IG as @jolittletime. There will be a round up post or two throughout the month but I'll be trying to catch up with the big backlog of items I have waiting to be blogged.

Are you joining in this year? I feel like I haven't seen as many pledges as usual on blogs. Good luck if you are!


  1. I am.working on trousers this month as well - something I talked about last year but put off! Which pattern are you using? Look forward to seeing how you get on!


    1. i think i have said it for about 3 years! i have traced the sewoverit ultimate trousers, so fingers crossed! good luck to you too louise!

  2. Good luck with the trousers! I'm skipping MMM this year as its a crazy busy month without an extra challenge!

  3. Good luck with your trousers! I'm not doing MMMay this year, I just threw out a binch of me-mades, so I need to restock my wardrobe with new things. I will happily watch from the sidelines, though!

  4. Good luck with the trousers - you can do it especially if you have the ultimate ready to go. I enjoy your regular me made everyday pics.

  5. Good luck with your trousers Jo! I know I keep saying I'll make some too but I just don't feel I have the concentration or stamina for it right now. I'll be cheering you on though!


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