Friday, 5 June 2015

Me Made Everyday!

I hope you all had fun in Me Made May.  I didn't use the Flickr group this year as I have got into Instagram (you can find me on there @jolittletime), but I loved seeing everyone's self made garments being shown off on IG!

I did pretty well with my own pledge (just don't mention that I was meant to have made trousers - I'm working on it OK?).  I wanted to see how far i would get without repeating a garment and did pretty well - my first repeat was on 23rd May.  If the weather had improved and I could have rotated in a few of my more summery items I might have gone all the way to the end.  Still, there's always next year!

I blogged about how much I like this aspect of sewing last year and on Twitter we discussed using the hashtag #memadeeveryday to share outfit photos on IG and Twitter.  I noticed a few more people talking about carrying on photographing their me-mades in real life now that May is over so I thought I would revisit it.  There's no rules, no need to do it 7 days a week, get any kind of fancy photos, or even photograph at all if you don't want to!

The lovely and very talented Katie of What Katie Sews made a blog badge you can grab below or from my sidebar.  Feel free to share it on your blog or whatever social media floats your boat!

Hope to see your me-mades in the wild the rest of the year too!

PS Did you see that there's now a Sewing category on Bloglovin?  See Oona's post about it here and add your blog in so that people can find you more easily!


  1. I like this idea. Even though I couldn't participate in MMM this year, it was fun to follow along with those I follow on IG (you included!) And one of the things I've long wished about MMM is that it would occasionally take place in a different season--I've always felt that it's easier for me to successfully sew and assemble outfits for the warmer months, but winter especially is where my handmade wardrobe suffers. So I need a Me-Made February or something, haha. This sounds like just the thing to satisfy that want.

    1. i agree - but may in the UK can be winter/ spring/ summer depending. so i guess it gives all seasons of our wardrobe a good workout!

  2. I love this idea! Downloading the badge now.


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